Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lazy Thursday ...

Lessons as usual with Taby in the morning. Had lunch with Laogong and Patrick @ Siglap. Chatted a bit before heading off to TLT for Laogong'a lesson. Today is my free day. 5th week coinciding with school holidays. I'm back to the "old me". Tagging along for lessons. After Chloe's lesson, I was sleepy and dozed off.

Current location: Rosewood

Shall slack and read a bit ...

Nice place. The pool is nice. Hopefully when Estuary or Vibes is ready, the poolside will be so nice also! Like the partially submerged deck chairs. Remind me of my favorite MBS.

Don't think we will be heading there for any staycation this year. Enough after the past two years. Sunny Sunny day. Hydrate!!!!

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