Friday, March 30, 2012

Once-a-month ...

Haha. Yes yes, I've a lot of once-a-month lunch/dinner dates. The longest running one has got to be the PEFX' meet-ups. Been about 3 years or was it more?

Recap the day's events ... Went for my first class in the morning. Due to Flub's constant craving for laksa this week, it got onto me! Took the ECP instead of CTE/PIE back to the east, tabao laksa! Jan was the lucky one! Replied to my bbm. Managed to tabao for her to share with pln. Went back to Bedok and shared my laksa with papa.

The whole 90 minutes back home, we were chatting about BKK. He just got back and he totally enjoyed it! We're going again in May!

Left and went for my classes. Ended all classes at 1915.

Met my PEFX clique @ our HQ. Haha. Yes, almost our HQ. The Jap place we been to for the most number of times. Just like Devilz is @ Lenas and previously, 38z is @ some steamboat place. With Chris and Carol @ Sakuraya or Buffet Town.

Kept to my Lent promise and actually lifetime promise, no more foie gras. Haha. Didn't watch Fio eat :p Well, she tempted me with FG and I tempted her with beer. Fair!

Went to get sushi @ Isetan for Laogong. Passed by M&S and bought tea and chocolates for kids! Easter soon!

Shall rest early and well, I'm seeing my new god-daughter tomorrow! Princess Kylie! :) Godma can't wait to see you!

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