Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday's happenings ...

Since the 4pm class wasn't due to begin, decided to meet Black. Our timing clashes and we missed each other a few times. Finally! Today! BUT gosh, her presents are in the car! Never mind! Next time! Haha. I will not use them!

It wasn't a liquid date. Haha. I was just too hungry and forgot to shoot a picture or pictures of food!

Bought something for Kylie to welcome her! Can't wait to see her. 加油 baby! Princess Kylie will be good!

Nothing to buy. BUT when I walk past the CD place, bought Corrinne May's new CD. Missed her singing last night, but this CD makes up for it. Couldn't get Kewei's one, decided to order online later.

(random: I realized when I typed 加油 just now, a petrol kiosk is one of the option! Gosh. Technology is good! Haha. See photo below.)

Had dinner with Laogong, JR and Norin @ Sembawang Shopping Centre's Ajisen. I suggested no using of mobile phones during dinner. Haha. Success!

So by the time I could take a picture of the food, it looked like this ...

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