Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sleep-in Sunday!

Great and eventful Saturday at the centre and Laogong's primary school friend's wedding...

I remembered we didn't serve sharks fin soup at our wedding banquet.

Today, of course, we didn't have any too. Have been thinking about this for some time, plus it's the month of Lent, I've decided, never to eat my now-used-to-be-beloved foie gras again. If I can stop eating sharks fin soup, I can do the same for foie gras.

Had foie gras once at White Rabbit this year and once at High Society. Good bye eternally. You've once made me very happy :)

Anyway, yes, you've read the title right. I can sleep in! Mummy and papa went Genting. I'm not going back back Bedok tomorrow for Breky. And with good planning, I will only need to tabao lunch for Laogong at 113@! Woohoo. I can sleep till 1000?! Yeah :)

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