Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunny Sunday Slacking ... (edited)

Woke up at 0715. Left house within 10 min. Sent Laogong and JR to the pool. Headed to buy Breky for mummy, papa & bb. Reached home about 0815. Hee. All within an hour.

Papa bought me a new 1 TB hard disk. Of course, he bought it in black. MAYBE I'll not bling. Haha. MAYBE.

Lying on my big bed, blogging, watching tv and messaging - all rolled into one! Was surfing the forums yesterday and I spotted this Panerai. I like! I like the 福! Shall continue watching my Harlem and maybe doze off ...

Papa was helping me partition my hard disk when I realized, he still remembers my English name as Winnie. I had that name when I was younger and had my domestic helper. Been eons since anyone call me that. Haha. Funny to see that name when my pseudo Summer is becoming almost becoming my real name.

I was telling Laogong the new season's slippers will be in soon. His reaction towards my collection, "Why didn't Chanel just remain in France?"

Haha. Well, ain't I glad she/it didn't remain in France :p

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