Friday, March 9, 2012


Woke up early in the morning @0600 to go back to IJ for the Sports Carnival. I miss my friends and my kids :)

I miss how they make me angry. I miss how they make me laugh. I miss how they tell me jokes. I miss how they work hard for themselves. I miss the kids ...

Met Laogong for Isetan sales. Didn't buy much. Bought toys for kids. Had Pepper Lunch. We were so tired we headed home for nap.

Went to the centre for classes. Cancelled dinner date due to some miscommunication. Had Mos with Laogong. Was reading and slacking at home when I dozed off! Shall go bath and sleep early. Happy about my more sociable weekend. Sat 4 lessons and Sun 3 lessons. Yes, I made Laogong's Sat 12 lessons and Sun 10 lessons unsociable and inhumane.

Happy Weekend! Happy holidays to all teachers and kids!

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