Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend @ ECP Brussels Sprouts

Cabbed down to Ikea to meet Jan. Thanks for the lift, Jan and Shan!

Yummy mussels as usual! Ordered 4 different ones today! Vin Blanc. Tom Yam. Brussels Special and another cream one. Yumz to the max! Basket loads of fries as well! The wings were good too! Of course, the beers are yummy too!

There was a magician entertaining the customers.

Thanks Marjie for getting the color for me. Love it! Red! Made Jan paint it on the sporty do her nails! Hee.

Headed to Marjie's place to slack after that. Hot and hot and hot from Seng Kang to ECP ... Finally a cooling place! :p Great weekend! Can't wait to see my kids again tomorrow :)

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