Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wet Wednesday

Alarm rang at 0745. Rain poured. Snooze button activated. Haha. Decided to sleep in. Laogong's 0900 class was postponed to 1900. Well, we've a morning to slack :) He was reading papers while I watched 早安你好 and they were talking about "Full time teachers giving tuition has more pros then cons". Interesting.

Even more interesting were the responses. I was appalled by some callers' (parents) reaction. [This is my blog :) my comments. Yes, I am not asking for your views. I keep my bias views on my blog and you keep yours too.] One commented that teachers who have time to give tuition, why don't they spend more time giving extra lessons and help more kids. 1. Teachers have a right to strive for their monetary happiness and build up on their extra savings too. 2. Teachers are not saints. They have a family to support and having their things to buy too. 3. (Many) Teachers are working very hard and beyond their job scope already. (Many of them) They have their lessons to plan and teach. They have their ccas to plan and conduct. They have many (sometimes pointless) meetings to attend. They have events to plan and conduct. They have courses to attend (Asked to attend).

Another one talk about quality of teaching being affected if they give tuition. Gosh. Teachers may not be the smartest (but remember please, doctors, lawyers and what you deem clever are all taught by teachers) but they can think! Well, most can think. If they are tired, they will not teach. Yes, money is one thing but we know our health too!

Anyway, just airing My Views on My Blog :)

Baby and Kyan couldn't meet me. We decided to stay in for Breky. Airfryer-style. Haha. Yes, we toasted the bread in the airfryer too! Yumz!

Slacked a bit more. Watched a bit of tv and we're off for Laogong's first class.

Totally love my new neon pink shoes!

While Laogong was teaching I went over to Jurong Point to grab a coffee and a hot chocolate for myself. Drove back to the pool to wait for him. Catch up on a bit of reading.

And now, time to start my day! 4 lessons today :)

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