Monday, April 23, 2012

Chez Papa French Bistro

Had wanted to lunch at Chez Papa but it wasn't open. Headed to Old Town, our usual, instead. Slacked there for quite a while. Nice. Relaxed. The toast was extremely buttery! Even for a butter lover like me, I find it extremely thick!

Had our usual massage but at a new place. Nicer. Even better. Shopped for grocery and it was already dinner time. Decided to head down to Chez Papa again. Thanks to Laogong for sacrificing. He is not a French food person but he still took me there :D

Had the pâté all to myself. Laogong doesn't like it. He had more of the seafood. I didn't order foie gras! :) We were so full after dinner. So sleepy! Haha.

As of 2100h, my 1-to-1 tuition slots are all taken up. Apologies, but I can't in more. Certain group slots are still available though! :)

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