Monday, April 16, 2012

Entertaining Monday!

We, or rather I chose the non-3d version. Don't really like 3d movies. Headache. Laogong said not much storyline but the effects are good! I quite like the movie. Good ending as usual. Half time at Share Tea. Had my yam milk tea. Some how I feel that the standard is not as good as before. Or is the Wisma one different?
Next up was Mirror Mirror. Totally my choice. So nice of Laogong to watch it with me :p Snow White is so pretty! Saw some other movie posters. There's another movie about Snow White. A lot of fairy tales movies. One on Jack (and the beanstalk) kinda movie. Think it's Jack the Giant Killer.
Went grocery shopping and reached home slightly before 7. Saw Ginger Snaps and Scaredy Cat. Didn't have their food with me. Went up and then down again to feed them.
Scaredy Cat is really timid. I cannot have too much movement around it.
Ginger Snaps is very comfortable around me. Stroll around me all the time after dinner.

Great day again :)

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