Monday, April 30, 2012

Mirthful Monday!

I'm thankful for (Sunday) today's 5th week.
Spent more time than usual with Laogong on a Sunday.
The 1600-1730 kids was treated to yummy Tau Huey by him too.
Nice cooling healthy treat on a warm day.
Had dinner nearby at AMK Hub even though Laogong suggested Orchard.
Our choice was good :)
Enjoyed ourselves (as usual) at iChiban Sushi.
I'm a beginning drinker for Coke.
Well, it helps me burp.
Anyway, this evening received a SMS from a parent.
It warms my heart that I am really being appreciated by parents.
I know, I know, a lot of them are my angels who always support, encourage and feed me!
I know they believe in me and have faith in me.
I'm very lucky to always have their trust.
Even back then, the parents in school were always very good to me.
They know I'm the not-so-usual and not-so-conventional teacher but still,
they believed in me.
Thank You.
Today, receiving this SMS, simply further encourages me.
Thank You again all of you :)
Time to enjoy my Monday!

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