Saturday, April 21, 2012

What else can I say but life is beautiful :)

Laogong and I started to begin our Saturdays earlier nowadays so that we can at least have a good and decent meal in the morning. Then for the rest of the our 13hours at the pool/centre, we usually buy many buns / bread to last us through the day.

Time with the kids fly. Since I started 'out' this year, I enjoy quality time with the kids even more. With a maximum of 6 in my class, I feel that I know them even better. I feel my passion and fire blazing :)

I also have good and supportive parents who are always encouraging (and feeding) me! How blessed I am :)

Saturdays always make me feel emotional. Haha. Maybe because it's one of the day when I'm not with Laogong for more than 13 hours. Maybe it is because it's the only day with the most classes and I see the largest number of 'different' kids. Maybe it is because the following day is go-back-to-Bedok day!

Whatever :) Life :) So beautiful and wonderful!

Laogong looks like he is in the army! Super short hair!

Haha. Greedy us ... We ...

Ordered one bomb!

Happy Saturday and Hello Happy Sunday!

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