Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday, while I was talking to one of my kids, I told her that we all work hard for a good life. The kind of life we want. It's totally fine to want to lead a good and luxurious life, only if we work hard for it :)

I am lucky. Mummy gives me pretty much of a good life since young. Of course, I've to work hard. Study hard. To repay, to earn recognition, to make sure I deserve what I'm given. Not a very smart kid, I had to work extremely hard. Most memorable in my secondary school life, my A'Math teacher asked if I want to stop taking the subject because I wasn't doing well. My whole time studying, no teacher ever ask me to give up?! I refused and preserved on. From a F9, I worked hard and got my A2. I think I did my 10years series assessment book 10 times, really.

Since then, I told myself I will not give up on myself and anyone. If I don't, how can you? :)

Yummy cakes from Teresa! Thanks! Sent Laogong to pool while I did some work at the centre. With cravings for curly fries (no, we didn't head to JB's A&W), we headed home to airfry some! No need to go A&W anymore! This is yummy! :)

Last night, I took out my earrings, wanting to polish the silver so that I can wear it ... Oh my ... I dropped them :(

Decided not repair this old fella :( so I gave it a new life :) made it into a necklace. Haha.

Looks a bit like T&Co but whatever :)

Smile :) It's a beautiful life :)

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  1. Amazing!

    You sure have some gems in your collection.

    I am too much a seasonal person. When I am in a craze, I will only buy the particular brand or category for a period of time. THen I switch.

    That's why I always ended with overdosage of products under the same season.

    Btw, thanks for your wishes!