Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Supposed to have lunch with bb and Chris after Kyan's Sports Day but Kyan was too shack.

Lunch was at Paragon's Cova.
Yummy :)

Reached home slightly earlier than Laogong. Rare actually.
Waited eagerly for him to be home and off we went for dinner :)

Dinner was at Buckaroo.
Yummy :)

Came home and can't wait to paint my nails again.

When Marjie bought Dragon for me, I thought it should be the perfect Big Apple Red replacement, but not, not bright enough for a Red Polish lover like me. Like it still.

When Belle bought Rouge Fatal, it wasn't that kind of red but it was a nice maroon. Like it.

Now, determined to get That Red, I bought Pirate today. This is it :) Fantastic. Found it. LOVE IT.

Never judge a color by its look in a bottle.

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