Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Great Day

... Although the body and neck still hurt a bit ...
Was telling Marj, I didn't feel the pain when I was shopping, back in the car, I felt it ...

Had lunch with Chris, Marj and Shar @ PP's NYNY.
Crazy shopping began.
Chris and mine, current Fav - Giordano.
Love it :p
Thanks to Marj and Chris, haha, I became a member today.

Headed back to class after shopping. Had a good time with my kids as usual.
Only after class, while driving home, I felt the pain again :(
Hopefully it will be better tomorrow!
Maybe more shopping helps.
Laogong frowned at my purchases.
"We're going BKK and GZ, you know?"
I know Laogong.
I controlled. It's shopping at Parkway :p
Not Taka or MBS! :p

Four of six tops today match my Pinkilicicious!

Picked out my matching stuff for this week.
Nuch is coming to SG tomorrow!
Will be out with her after class in the morning.
(Thanks to all the arrangement made for classes, thanks to all the parents and kids)
Meeting Bali Babes on Friday.
Meet Blackie on Saturday.
Papa's Bday and Mother's Day dinner on Sunday.

With all these lined up, my neck and body better recover!

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