Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Labour Day (Holiday)!

We had lessons in the morning followed by brunch at Tampines Gigantic Giant and shopping at Ikea. Went to Bugis and shopped a bit.

The weather was extremely warm and humid! Anyway, it was a day of leopard prints (more than what we usually see)
1. We saw a couple wear couple t-shirts.
2. We saw an auntie wearing it.
3. We saw a guy wearing a leopard prints jacket and scarf (and he wore a white cartoon babyish rabbit hat).

Headed home at 2plus and decided to do a video. Haha. Thanks to Laogong, he gamely allow me to direct the video production :p

Click here to watch Chef Jerry at work!

Yummy dinner by MIL. Was super hungry and I ate excessively again :p

Life, simple.
Hungry? Eat.
Guilty? Exercise.
See, simple :)

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