Monday, May 28, 2012

May's Last Monday ...

Laogong and I met Patrick in the morning and headed for a day in Johor.
Breakfast at Ah Piaw.
Can never get enough of it :)

Next stop was to visit the condo show flat at Bt Indah ...

We popped over to the actual houses to take a look.
Such coincidence!
Met Laogong's acquaintance who had already purchased one.
Met a very friendly auntie who is staying there,
brought us all around!  

Second last stop was at Aeon Bt Indah ...
I had a total of 3 drinks at Black Canyon and then J.Co!
Extremely warm!

Last stop - shopping at Giant!
Great day out as usual!!!
Of course, we had a good time during our first Thai lesson too! :)

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