Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday's Happiness

Ears are mildly infected.
Not blocked. (Phew!)
I think it is because of this that I've been kind of tired these two days.
Thanks to one of my angels,
Teresa tabao lunch for me.
I told Laogong I didn't want to standby bread.
Rather just drink milo.
Ended lessons at 530pm,
decided not to meet any friend.
It's going to be Me-Time.
Just me, me, me!
Made appointment for nails and went off to AMK Hub.

Final packing done. Small bag. Just my crumpler backpack.

Anyway, this is how much we love Thailand.
Of course, also because Nuch is back from States.
She has time for us! :)
Last October, we booked for Tuesday to Thursday.
Our off day was not planned for yet.
We called to ask to change flight, but it was more expensive than getting new tickets!
We decided to forgo those tickets and booked new ones to depart on Monday! :p
See you, Thailand!
See you, Nuch!

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