Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Happiness

Some shuffling of lessons and I had lessons in the morning. After lessons, met my 最爱损友 at MBS to shop an have lunch. Gosh. We've truck loads to things to talk about after not meeting for a couple of months despite our constant whatsapp messages.

While having our lunch, Laogong sent me a pic of his new clock. His beloved clock was here! From MBS I could sense his smiles all the way from Sembawang.

损友managed to get a pair of new shoes.

Me: Laogong, she bought a pair of new shoes, I didn't.
Laogong: That's good, I'm so proud of you.
Me: My size is not available :(
Laogong: ...

I like the flat ones. Platforms suits her. Sobs. No size. Fated? Will check BKK :p

In the end, I bought a small little something for myself! :D Decided on red instead of PINK. I already have quite a couple of pink stuff :)

Had a good day with my 损友 :)
Had good news from my kids and they results.
More to come I hope!

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