Friday, July 6, 2012

Back in Sg

From the very moment we left the airport, we were busy till now!

Went to Toa Payoh pool immediately to support our swimmers. Luckily Shar was there very early and got us a good spot.

Happy to see our swimmers achieved their personal best timings. Happy to see my chij girls.

Had a bad headache and had to cancel A&A`s tuition. Headed home to sleep before 4pm class. AGe is catching up. 不可以太逞强。

Had yummy burger from Silvin for dinner. Solved my late dinner problem.

Had lesson as usual on Thursday and went back to Bedok to rest before noon classes. Was pleasantly surprised to see Mommy home. Boy came back for lunch too. Haha. Mid year reunion lunch!

At night, met Val, Cherlin, Milo and Laogong for dinner at our Sembawang village. Suddenly so many Sembawang friends. Haha.

Was tired but since already purchased the box from Daiso, decided to pack my rings!

This morning, lesson as usual before heading to 388. Bb wasn't around! Luckily the helper can recognise this Hello Kitty Godma. Carried Kylie for one hour plus before she fell asleep. Everytime i put her down, she cried! Played with Kyan for awhile. Had lunch at Mcd before going for class again.

Now, finally ended all classes. Tabao dinner. Waiting for Laogong.

Happy Weekend to all!

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