Sunday, July 8, 2012

Usual Sunday Back At Bedok

Since Mummy is having her detox weekend, she told me not to buy breakfast for her and `ordered` Papa and I to share one set of our favorite Fishball Noodles. Actually, one set is just nice. Won't overeat.

Didn't manage to paint my nails last night.
Did it while surfing the net and reading blogs.

Used my last and only bottle of OPI.
Girls Just Want To Have Fun.
Kind of sad that Chanel doesn't have this kind if Red.

Lying on my big old Bedok bed.
Slacking a bit.
Mummy is preparing lunch for Laogong and I.
Lovely Sunday.

Tomorrow, Laogong is going for some reservist thingy. So, we'll be in Sg instead of second home. Haha. Spend some time with friends!

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