Thursday, August 9, 2012

Celebrations and more Celebrations!

Back when I was much younger, maybe mid-twenties, I always do a 12 days of birthday celebrations, one year, it was even a one month celebrations ...

Well, since I'm blogging from the computer today (because photos are all in the digital camera!), I shall do a recap as well :p

2002 - 2007
Crazy repeated partying in the month of August (actually every month?!)

Aug 8 - Steamboat dinner with PEFX
Aug 10 - Cafe Brios with Family
Aug 12 - Celebration in School
Aug 17 - En Bar with Chris
Aug 24 - Fish & Co with Uncle Aidil
Aug 26 - Date with Bb and Zw

Realised I've soooooooo many outings in 2009! Gosh!
Haha ...

Aging ... Fewer celebrations ...
Aug 8 - Dempsey with IJ Babes and Seletar Air Base with 38z
Aug 10 - Mad shopping
Aug 12 - With ... Misc ...
Aug 19 - Halia with Chris and Carol

Aug 7 - Dinner then-Dear-now-Laogong's family :p
Aug 8, 9 and 10 - Staycation @MBS
Aug 11 - Birthday eve dinner
Aug 12 - Birthday dinner

Much simpler ...
Less fanciful ...
Still, time with loved ones :)
Thank you to all my family and friends ...
My birthday is not even here yet!

Colleen treated me to my birthday dinner last Saturday.

Headed to Planet Paradise with my Sembawang neighbours :)

Met up with my IJ friends today :)

Celebrated with Cher and family at Bt Batok and IMM today :)

Like I mentioned, such coincidence to have two similar birthday cakes in a day!
Overload of Macarons and Boston Chocolate!
Thank you for all the pressies!
Blessed I am for being able to receive the abundance of love and generosity :)

Of course,


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