Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a day!

Was watching 早安你好and I spotted the BV bracelet on Liu Qian's wrist.
Decided to wear mine too!
Had breakfast with Laogong at Albert Court.
The Lor Mee was delicious!
Told Laogong to pose for the camera as usual and he did this ...
He name this, "自然反应".
Had one hour to spare before I walked over to Cityhall.
Met Cutie and Cayla for Koi!
Yes, I walked to Cityhall.
Wanted to cab down when I analysed how near it was.
Told Laogong to drive the car home as I did not feel like driving.

Met Chris, Rooster Snr, Irene Mom and Pln at Canele
for more carbohydrates caffeine intake.

Gave Irene mom a surprise!
(And she thought it was my cake again!)

Rooster Snr gave me this!
Haha, must make use of it!
Rose Garden, I miss you!

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