Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yet another blessed week!

Yesterday, I Instagrammed about my usual sinful unhealthy lunch.
I will always grab a springroll before class (on Tuesdays).
I made a request for fish soup for dinner and Laogong got it for me! :)
Blessed I am :)
Kh's mom gave me some Raya cookies and chocolates.
(Thank you! I shared them with the kids and they love it!)
Ka's mom gave me more puffs! 
(Thank you! We had them for breakfast!)

Of course, other than the fact that I have unhealthy food, and doting parents (of kiddos) 
who always cooked me food, haha ... 
I'm so blissfully and happily in love with life!
Thank you for being concern about my weight gain.
I still exercise!
Really! :)
I am healthy!
Haha, and in case you miss the skinnier me ... 
and the straighter hair!
With Janelle!

Well, my current weight (digits) are lucky and so ... :)
(Ok, again, I know my friends will shake their heads knowing how pantang I am :p)

This noon, Laogong bought me lor mee again!
I kind of still prefer last week's one.
Maybe because it was piping hot while today's was not as hot...

I bought A&A their pre-test reward and an ice latte for myself!
So sweet of J to reward me (food again!) with yummy cake!
I love the thick base!
Always love cheesecake's base! 

Today was a busy day (like every Wed), so I reminded Laogong to tabao for me.
S came for her first class and she bought me food again!
Homecooked food!
With the vegetables chopped finely!
Just nice for a carnivore! :p

Haha, after all the food pictures :p
My ironman!
Going for his jog with the new armband!

Dear parents and students, thank you so much for loving me!
For always feeding me and showing so much care and concern!
Blessed I am!
Thank you :)

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