Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What a (yester) day!

Met JY for brunch at our usual place yesterday.
Had the usual brunch.
Shopped the usual shop.

Well, and we got the member's card from Nana!
Thanks to her, haha, really my 最爱损友!

Went for lesson as usual and gosh...
I shouldn't have sat directly in front of the fan.
Like 30cm away.
For the whole 90 minutes, the fan was blasting away.
At the end of it, I feel weak and feverish :(
Went for my last lesson at the centre.
Rushed home after that.
Took med.
Slept for 12whole hours.

Thanks to Laogong who took good care of me like always.

Finally feel better now...
Had Maggi mee (food I must eat when I'm sick maybe because it's piping hot!)
Shall rest till 1ish before I head out...

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