Sunday, October 7, 2012

Coffee of Love

Welcome home, Mummy!
Back home on Sunday morning.
Papa bought us breakfast (instead of me buying) 
since he went to the airport to fetch Mummy.
It is very easy to make a cup of coffee
but I think it is an exclusive privilege to be able to ask Papa, 
Simply feel so loved.
Sobz, so much so that I suddenly feel like tearing!
Too emo and too much crying from the drama last night.
Mummy actually asked me if I didn't sleep?

Having dinner at Bedok tonight.

This is kind of like a Mid Autumn reunion since last week
Mummy was in India and
we were in Thailand.

Happy Sunday!
Happy Monday to come!
Happy Tuesday to come!
Happy Wednesday to come!
Happy Thursday to come!
Happy Friday to come!
Happy Saturday to come!

What a pleasant cycle!

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