Monday, November 5, 2012

Been only two days...

The other day, when I sent Laogong to the airport, I wore this.
When I was going home, JY whatsapp me and she showed me her pic.
We both wore the same top out!
Luckily I decided not to meet her because I wanted to spend more time with Laogong.
It will be funny having two giant cinnamoroll walking together :p

It was a Xmasy day at TWFEC.
Heavy rain.
Xmas tree.
Chocolate cake.
Hot chocolate.
Nice :)

Today, Papa and I went to the house to settle some stuff.
We shopped and shopped!
He and his, "Nothing much to buy."
In the end, we bought lots!

Met Marj and Shar for dinner @ Sunset Bay.
Nice place :)

I miss my Laogong!

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