Sunday, November 18, 2012

Final post on my crazy stunt :p

Between the mad rush of classes,
I managed to meet JY to grab these.
I was driving and reaching the carpark (like one traffic light away),
I apps JY and told her,
"Tell the SA to bring out all the 37s and 39s now!
Don't let other people try anymore!"
Turned out, some of the colours already did not have my size in stock.
Was hesitant about getting Missy Violet when I forgot what JY said,
and of course, we (or I?!) did want not the repeated mistake of
We bought all four!
I'm so going to keep Missy Goldie for CNY!
The previous collection for 12A Alohas, we bought both too.
Also another mad rush to prevent the OOS situation.
The 12A Sandals was an exception :p
The black is totally ?!@#$
Anyway, Merry Xmas to myself :D
I did well this year and deserved all my rewards :p
2359 tonight, and Laogong will be back with me!
After being away for 600 hours,
he is finally coming back!

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