Saturday, December 22, 2012

Xmas 2012...

Headed down to Tropica after class.
Glad I made it.
Thanks for all the good food, good company and tonnes of presents.
As usual, when I see Janel, I must take a picture with her.
Packed the pouch in my carry-on after opening the presents.
I'm 'bringing my friends' with me!
T: Pouch from Trace.
M: Grace beanie from Marj.
B: Sweets and vitamins from Bern.
J: Nail file from Skinny 
N: Gadget pouch from Noop

This year, I chose not to buy presents and donated to World Vision,
dedicating the gift to my friends.
You can do the same!

School bags for 5 children
Merry Xmas, Marj, Ja, Daze, Belle, Fio and EL.

Warm jackets for 2 children
 Merry Xmas, Bern and Kimmy.

Vaccination for 20 children
Merry Xmas, Jan, Colleen, Shar, Carol, Chris, Eve, Pn, Cutie, Bucky, 损友, Bb and Skinny.

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