Tuesday, January 15, 2013

USA 14/1/13 Thank You, Ruth!

Laogong was limping from after the Goofy Challenge. 
Stranded for a day in airport was not his choice. 
Encounters at the airport counters:
1: Offered u food vouchers. Ate yummy food. Comforted by 1%.
2: Offered us one pair of confirmed seats for Minneapolis - Portland. (none for Portland - Tokyo and Tokyo - Singapore) 
3: Third time back. Offered us another pair. Why not they just give us everything? 
4: Fourth time. Still refused to give us a hotel room. Settled all 3 pairs of seats though. 
5: Finally! It is minus14 degrees Celsius. I asked or blankets and official document to make insurance claims. Ruth came back with documents but no blankets :( She gave us hotel vouchers! More on the airline later. But really,  thank you,  Ruth and Amarisi.  You made this delay slightly better. 

Limping laogong reached the hotel and was happy to see the pool. Water therapy for his painful legs. 

Still, 25 days away! We really want to go home! 

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