Saturday, February 2, 2013

Busy Week!

Thankful for everything in life!
Like I instagrammed, even for the smooth traffic home!
(more about staying in JB another time)

Last Sunday night, we had our dinner at the market nearby
and managed to catch the getai!

Monday was spent tidying the house and supermarketing.
Decided to share half of my dressing table with Laogong.
Gave him half of it!

Fried egg with the new mini egg pan!
Cute and nice!

Wore my new sandals out to buy our 小小白!

On Wednesday night, Laogong set up the BBQ Pit.
Ready to BBQ anytime!

Great week!
Many good news!
One of them was the HyppTV!
Ready! Cable TV at home! 
So many channels!

Yesterday, was tidying up stuff and found this :)
Card from my first batch of students in 2004!
They were Pri 4 then ...
Time flies ...

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