Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a Blessed Day ...

  1. Despite leaving home with the usual time appropriated for Laogong's lesson this morning, the traffic was good! Even though it was the peak hour traffic! We even had time to had breakfast and slacked for quite a while before lesson.
  2. Shopped a bit at Jurong Point. Ran some errands. Slacked again at Coffeebean.
  3. Met LM and did the necessary stuff :)
  4. Laogong sent me to student's house for lesson. All as per normal ... But ...
  5. Was supposed to cab down back to centre ... realised that I left my pouch (money / cards / centre's keys) in the car! 
  6. Called my ever-trusty papa and lucky me! He was home and he came down to pick me up immediately! (Problem solved)
  7. Nearing the centre ... Only then did I realised  that I do not have my keys! Started calling up that class' students and inform them that I'll make up for the lesson in June. I have super understanding and kind parents! Problem solved) ขอขอบคุณคุณพระพรหม
  8. The usual kind mothers (Mother B and Mother T) as usual fed me and made sure I had food and drinks. While waiting for Laogong to come, I had my very delicious and nutritious dinner.
Well ... I had to positive, isn't it so? Despite the hot weather, papa sent me down. Despite the rush traffic, Laogong came to me as soon as he can. Despite my silly mistake, my students' parents were still so nice and understanding ...

Life - Life is so good ... Thank you :)

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