Friday, April 12, 2013

I built my dream...

Saw the first part of the quote before bed. 
Thanks to Patrick :) 
I added the second part on my own. 
Thanks to Laogong :) 
My dream to teach was almost diminished. 
(I've to admit. The working environment was terrible. Friends aside,  kids aside,  the working environment s##ks.) 
Laogong wanted me to resign even before the connect plan. 
I decided to finish the year. 
With his assurance,  I left. 
I started out on my own. 
Life began. The bigger dream realised. 
Some people see me as not being able to hang in there and not being able to sacrifice for the kids. 
I choose to see myself as being decisive and brave to start afresh (at a ripe old age of 30!) 
I'm enjoying my life. 
I'm enjoying time with the kids. 
I'm enjoying moments with my family. 
I'm enjoying the company of my friends. 
I'm blessed. 
I'm appreciative. 
I'm thankful. 
I'm glad. 
I'm breathing life, living in a dreamlike reality :) 
I built my dream and am continuing  cntinuing with new ones. 
What about you? 

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