Thursday, May 30, 2013

Date with CCC

Date with C3 - Chris, Carol and Children since these few days are the fifth week and I've no group lessons.

Slacked at home in the morning before heading out to Far East for lunch with Laogong and JR.
Shopped around a bit and headed to Parkway to meet C3.

Loving all the new items!
Haha, I told Laogong, I want to buy a new HK card holder for every access card.
So now, I bought one for SA and one for Est.
Must prepare another two!
How exciting!

Had a good time at Toby's.
While waiting for Carol, we do what we are best at!
Take photos!

The photographer mummy took pictures for us!
That's why Kaelyn looked at her :)

Carol suggested asking the waiter to take photos for us.
Chris and I looked at each other.
Of course we had to do it on our own!
For the best photos!

Great day out!
Great line-up for the next two days too!
More meetups!

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