Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glassy Shoe Box

I am so happy! 
After cleaning / dusting / maintaining my slippers display rack (and the slippers of course) for half a year, I think I need to put them in boxes. 
Previously I've trashed all the boxes and actually I do not want to put them in those boxes.
I want to display them! 
Decided to buy these clear boxes. 
Howard sells them at $22+ each. 
So expensive! 
I need to get 30 boxes and it would amount to $600 plus! 
Decided to check out this counter at Takashimaya which I vaguely remember sells them too. 
What made me so happy was the fact that they had smaller ones! Flatter and suits my slippers well! 
Best part! It's only $10 each and there is a 10% discount! 
Got 30 boxes at $270! Woohoo! 
Saved me almost $400!
Elated max! 
Can't wait for them to deliver it on Friday! 

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