Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goodbye Chanel ...

After a good whole ten years, 
or maybe slightly more,
I have enough :)

Thus this post to say goodbye to my Chanel.
25 pairs of Chanel remain.
Some other favourites remain.
Gone are the Guccis, Fendis and Burberrys.

It has been a great ten years.
(Or wasteful and extravagant ten years, some might say, whatever! :p)

Laogong has taught me another way to spend money.
损友has joined me too.
(However, I doubt she will give up  Chanel like me.)

I shall go on enjoying my expensive slippers 
for whatever the remaining pairs give me.



I Love Slippers.
I Love Chanel.

Latest Collection: 13C
(Purchases on 30 Nov 2012)

Collection: 13C
(Purchased on 16 Nov 2012)

Some others ...

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