Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eventful Week(end)

I'm lucky to have extended weekends (especially so after PSLE).
With an easy week and a slightly heavier workload on Saturday,
my weekends usually are from Saturday 4pm to Tuesday 3.30pm.
Had half of the Primary Sixes over for a mini BBQ on Sunday (20/10)
The other half went away already!
And here are the usual fun-loving girls in class.
(too fun-loving sometimes!)
Had brunch at Jln Petri on Monday (21/10).
Blogged about it in the previous post but I have to say this again,
"The mee rubus tulang is delicious!"
Had the monthly dinner with next door neighbours on Monday as well.
We were lucky to move to a very nice estate in SA.
We were even luckier to have nice neighbours!
Having moved into SA for almost a year, 
I still have lots unpack / left in Bedok.
Finally, the last batch of shoes to pack/sell/throw. (23/10)
I have never done a post proper on moving to SA .
Maybe I should.
However, to sum it up, (while I was chatting with Laogong)
no matter how much we save from staying in SA.
The cost of living - Lower.
The quality of life - Priceless.

Life is kind to me.
I will do my best for my family and of course, 
to return to the society.

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