Friday, October 11, 2013

TGIF! Great start to weekend!

Just past noon and I've done a great deal! 
Collected the books (for 2014) from the warehouse before seeing Laogong to the pool. 
While Laogong was coaching,  I went over to JP for some supposedly window shopping. 
As usual,  I cannot stay away from books.
Spent more than an hour at Popular and spent another few hundred dollars on more books. 
Shopped for Christmas presents! Spending half of December in Thailand so I decided to prepare the gifts early! 
Heading back weekend home for lunch now! 
Fruitful morning! 

Oh yes, and Char texted me in the morning :) 
She got me Le Coton! 
Woohoo! Thanks,  Babe! :) 

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