Thursday, March 13, 2014

Always A Great Monday!

Monday, 10th March.

We decided to try out the new bus service from our estate to JB Sentral and back.
It took us just slightly below one hour to reach JB Sentral.
Since we were there, we walked over to City Square for some shopping and desserts.

Saw 许留山and decided to try their full meals and of course, 
their must-have desserts.
Their full meals were OK but not necessary to try.
The service (by the particular server) was terrible but hey!
I did not complain.
Haha ... The complain queen was at rest.
Shopped around with nothing to buy,
we headed to J.Co for coffee and yummy donuts!

Took a bus back home and decided that will be the last time!
Been driving around since 2000, 
I love and appreciate the convenience of driving around.
I am grateful and thankful that I have been saving quite a bit of time.
Spending sixty minutes instead of the usual twenty minutes to reach home
is not ideal for me.
It was a good experience after all :)

Got home and prepared for Charcoal's treat.
Time passes really fast!
Charcoal has been home for one month!
Happy Monthsary, Charcoal!

I love cats still but don't worry Charcoal,
I will love you too!
I mean, Woof!

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