Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 24: One-Day-Trip to Bangkok

Second trip to Bangkok in 2014.
(Considering the fact that I came back to Singapore on Jan 2.)
Was eagerly waiting for this trip.
Comfort trip, back to our third home.
Comfort-wear back to Bangkok.
Our Weekly-Monday-Shot 😍

When we left the house, Charcoal was sniffing the luggage.
We will miss you for 12 hours, Charcoal!

We reached the airport pretty early.
Shopped a bit.
Had coffee.
What else, but take photos!

Headed to our favourite breakfast place and ordered the usual.
I think I must learn to cook their noodles.
Went to pray and offer our gratitude at the shrine.
Thank you for the abundance of blessings showered upon our families and us,
Phra Phrom.

The streets were pretty clear.
No major happenings.
We went off to MBK to stock up contact lenses.
Walked over to Paragon for more shopping.
Yeah! Another orange box!

Was tired after all the shopping.
Headed to Harold's for tea and cake.
Had my fill of red velvet 😘

With time on hand, we headed to 義德堂 next to Hua Lampong. One candonate coffins for the burial of the destitute deceased at 500 baht. There are some who can't afford the cost of death rites and/or unclaimed bodies from accidents or illnesses. The donation goes towards the payment for the coffin & burial ceremony. Coffin donation is considered a form of merit-making for the Thais. 
It's an act of compassion.
Even if you are not a Buddhist, you can donate too!

Final and must-go-to stop will be back to Mai Thai for our massage.
Too bad Laogong's favourite masseuse was not around, 
but actually, anyone there is good too!
With the Airport Rail nearby, we had dinner and set off for the airport after the massage.
Allocated a bit of time for tax refund and more duty-free shopping :p
Almost 10.30pm when the flight took off and we were deadbeat.
Slept for the whole flight back home.
Luckily we drove and parked at the airport, 
we zoomed back home immediately upon reaching the airport.
Till then, Bangkok.
See you soon, in three weeks.

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