Sunday, March 23, 2014

TGIF @ Grand Hyatt & Tropica

The one week holiday ended with great meetups and great company.
Then again, it wasn't a holiday for me :p
It's a holiday for me everyday!
Had to take a selfie with laogong during one of the traffic lights.
Haha, I had falsies on!

1st stop: Collected my Galia!
Super comfy flats.
Those killer heels are really not for me.

2nd stop: High tea with PEFX at 10 Scott, Grand Hyatt.
Limited variety but I thought, was of good quality.
The coffee was fantastic!
And I failed as the official photographer, 
I forgot about monthly group photo!

The refillable tray.
My favourite was the crab cake!
Lots of yummy parma ham and cheese.
Super sweet rock melon!

3rd stop: Bali Babes (Almost) Quarterly Reunion.
It would be perfect if our reunions were right in Bali!
Thanks to Marj, I have my fix of Tokyo Banana again!

Love you gals!
My forever Bali Babes!

More gatherings next week!
At home!

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