Saturday, April 26, 2014

TGIF @ Concetto, Createaf, TCC & MBS Theatre

Been a while since I met up with Sheila Gran, Jess and Ger.
Too bad Ja Ja cannot make it.
Next time!
Jess our food-decision-maker chose Concetto @ The Cathay.
Nice place.
Not too crowded.

The Praw Aglio was very yummy though we all 
agreed that it look like Mee Pok Tah.

We moved on to Createaf for waffles and hot drinks.
The waffle and ice cream were eaten before any photos
were taken. 
We like the designs on our drinks!
Mine was the elephant!
Lucky Elephant :)

After a short break, I picked up Jas and Daze and off to MBS!
Dinner @ TCC with the IJ Pals.
Three of us couldn't wait.
Haha, we had our soups and drinks first.

Finally, our Grease night!
Love the musical and as per normal,
I bought the OST for remembrance.

Time to retire Wicked OST for awhile.

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