Saturday, July 19, 2014

TGIF with 4 Fingers

Had dinner with 4 Fingers at Switch by Timbre.
Been eons since I last visited the place.
Yummy food.
The wings, crab bisque and duck pizza were great!

We were supposed to head to Magnum Pleasure Store
but we were all too full.
On the way, turned left, and headed to
Marina Bay Sands!

Shopped around a bit before we settled down
at Beanstro for some drinks.

Love this picture of mine!
Haha, with that sharp chin, 
(but Meryl's sharper!)
I still look slim.
(We don't have to go for V-line firming facial!)

Headed home when my yawning began.
Not much stamina nowadays.
Love this picture Mermaid took of me!
Life-sized Blythe Doll!

Happy Weekend!

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