Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's my birthday!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Thank you so much for the well-wishes and gifts. 
I had yet another usual blissful day. 
No candle-light dinner with laogong. 
No gifts or flowers from him. 
(It was an order from me.) 
In fact, he was shocked when I received flowers. 
(Thanks Val Val.) 
I slacked the day away like any other day. 
I woke up and we walked Charcoal by the lake. 
We had my favourite wanton mee. 
I watched my favourite drama of the moment. 
I napped. 
I ate. 
I swam. 
I had home cooked dinner. 
With such bliss everyday, why would I need anything special? 
All I want is good health and happiness for my family, 
and a tad greedily, 
abundance of good health for my family. 

Thankful for the abundance of blessings. 

Happy Birthday to Myself :) 

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