Thursday, August 21, 2014

Past few days...

Met Chris , Shar and Daze for lunch last Friday at Bedok Mall's Ding Tai Feng.
Usual selfie while waiting for them.
Shopped quite a bit at Pet Lovers Centre too!
Good birthday discounts.
In fact, August is a month of birthday discounts!

The one who benefited form the PLC spree :)

Dinner was at Saveur with Mermaid, Marian, Meryl (yeah! she managed to join us) and Cyn.
Super yummy!
My new favourite!
We also had (non-alcoholic) drinks at Hyatt.
Miss a nice strawberry margarita!

Restful few days after meeting up with friends last week.
Yesterday, went to change tyres for the car.
Didn't realise that they can be so expensive!
Oh well...
While waiting, we had lunch at SDS at Johor Jaya.
So-so only.
Won't be going back.

Time flies.
One week went by like that.
Can't wait to go to Bkk!!!!!

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