Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's already Week 30, Olympia!

Hello Olympia,

It's already Week 30! 
Dr Yang says that we're expecting your arrival early! 
Papa got a shock! 
He doesn't have another 2 months plus to prepare! 
Well, I'm fine.
Come when you should and when you can... 
I guess I better start washing your clothes by the end of the month. 
Mummy was telling Auntie Sennett that you might be born on a day closer to her baby and not after as estimated. 
Wait till mummy meets her for (decaf)  tea / coffee and you can meet your friend, both of you still in our wombs! 
Today I went shopping for you,  in a way! 
I'm getting extremely used to tasteless Silk and so, I might continue on with it even after delivery. 
Oh yes, we're also going to order the confinement food soon,  to qualify for the early bird discount! 
Kick on and swim on,  Olympia! 

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