Thursday, November 13, 2014

Medela*Hermes*JJ*Apple*Samsung for Olympia

Dear Olympia,


Mummy sorted the stuff in the 'pump bag' today.
The motor (or whatever that is called) is charged.
I will sterilised those necessary parts too!


I was also packing up all your gifts the other day and decided to use them to build you a xmas tree! Next year, we can all set up the xmas tree together. Papa and Mummy had so much fun setting up the tree always and Papa will always be the one to put up the star. I think he might let you put up the star next year! I also cannot wait to unbox all your gifts and use them on you. Our first xmas! I hope that you will like everything in the orange boxes, well, Mummy always does! I was going to wash your blankets and towels when I realised you might not have enough blankets! One for Ah Mah's house, one for our own house ... I think we need one for Popo's house/car use right? I better go get you another one!


Papa bought you this fan when he was in BKK three weeks ago.
Haha, Actually we already have two battery-operated fans but he said he couldn't resist this and he will also use this to fan you! 
I cannot remember if I blogged about this previously but well, we have booked air tickets! We will bring you on your first trip in March to BKK to make merit and meet our dearest Thai friends who are literally like our Thai family! Hopefully you're as excited as us! 

(NO) Apple*Samsung*Etc

Mummy and Popo are very determined that you do not come in contact with phones and tablets.
Mummy has also told Ah Mah about this because she is going to be your main caretaker.
Some people are quite dependent on gadgets for their children and I have absolutely no right to comment or judge.
Well, every set of parents have their own preferences, understand?
Don't blame Mummy for not allowing you to come in contact with gadgets and I do not need you to thank me as well.
It is not the first time Mummy has come across such articles and it is not because of such articles that influenced Mummy and Popo's decision.
Papa and Mummy are building up resources of activities to help you with your development in all areas as well as to prepare for homeschooling.
We hope you will find it fun-filled and meaningful with lots of sports and outdoor activities complementing our academic syllabus.
Papa has planned to start an infant swimming class just because of you.
He has delayed in starting a class despite the high demand for it and this time round, he will do it for you!
Parenting is definitely not going to be easy, but we will definitely do it well just for you!
See you tomorrow during the scan!
Be a good girl and show us your smiley chubby face!

Lots Love.

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