Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Olympia's Many Firsts ...

Merry Christmas!
Today Mummy took me to Auntie Irene's house for their Christmas gathering.
It is my FIRST Christmas.
It is my FIRST Christmas gathering.
Auntie Des left before Mummy and the aunties took the picture.
The Christmas tree is so nice.
Mummy says we will put up our own tree next year.
Well, the FIRST Christmas tree decorating experience will be kept till then.
Thank you, Auntie Jo for taking the picture.

Mummy took this picture for Auntie Sharon and Jie Jie Heather.
The log cake is so cute.
Jie Jie Heather is smiling so happily.
Big Kor Kor Josh and Jie Jie Heather played with Max all the time.
I think Max must be very tired!

Small Kor Kor Josh and I took a picture today.
His hair is very stylo!
They stand!
So cool! 

Thank you for all the presents, dearest aunties.
I forgot who gave me the FIRST present but thank you very much to all of you!

I got home and I received my FIRST mail!
Thank you very much Auntie Lyn (from Little Suite).
Auntie Irene also bought me my FIRST set of books (named after me, haha).
Mummy and Papa bought me many books but this set is extra special!
Thank you, Auntie Irene.

And lastly, how can I forget Mummy's #SOTD.
I am happy that she is happy.
She can finally fit into all her Chanel collection again!

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