Sunday, January 4, 2015

Olympia's 1st Month Party!

Wasn't it just December 5, 2014 when Olympia arrived in Gleneagles?
It's been a month and we advance-celebrated her 满月 yesterday at Grand Mecure Roxy.
Big Thank You to all who came.
Thank you for your generosity in taking time out to attend the party and for the bountiful gifts and red packets for Olympia and us (so sweet of you all, Papa and Mummy also get gifts!)
It was such an 'easy' party where we did nothing to prepare except to invite family and friends.
Thanks Jo & Ron for the lobang.
Thanks Marj & Daze for the blue/white tac.
Thanks Mermaid for collecting everything and choosing things that made mummy so excited and happy. Haha.
Apologies to if we have not been able to invite you due to circumstances, or worse still, forgot to invite you.
It's been a great though extremely busy one month as we adjust our roles for Olympia and the brain is mostly used for Olympia and the family

Pictures on FB :)

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