Wednesday, January 14, 2015

With the intention to shop...

On Monday,  with the intention to have lunch then shop then do Olympia's 胎毛笔 (brush made of baby hair) and 脐带章 (to seal up the umbilical cord) , we ended up with only lunch and Olympia's agenda. Haha. Actually, we didn't do the  胎毛笔 in the end. The person wanted to shave all her hair to do the brush and I objected violently (really). Decided not to do that and do the seal. We also decided to do her handprint and footprint and gold plate them. The package gave us a free photoshoot or rather, Ollie. We ended seeing more than three hours at the shop! She was super tired after the mini photoshoot. I learnt some parenting tips there from the mother of four boss. Can't wait to see the end products! 

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